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Welcome to The G-Free Spot - We can't wait to serve you!

About Us

Have you found The G-Free Spot yet?

Let me share our story...

Our Gluten Free journey began in 2012 when a Gluten Intolerant diagnosis was made for 2 people in our family.  It was the beginning of a significant shift in our lives.  I was challenged with combining my passion for cooking and baking with a whole new set of tools and rules.  For all of us on this journey together, it's absolutely amazing how many things contain GLUTEN!  In some things it's blatant and obvious, in many others it's hidden and sneaky. And so we researched, we learned, we experimented. We failed, we succeeded...and we continue to grow - always striving for excellence in all we do. 

At The G-Free Spot, we believe that a Gluten Free lifestyle should also be an enjoyable experience...after all, we're "foodies"! We know that you can take the gluten out of food, and still make it YUMMY

We also know that's is nice to be able to dine with the ENTIRE family in one location...so we've expanded our line-up in our retail location only. Items that will please the palates of all, while maintaining the safety of our fellow Gluten Free folks.

We have a dedicated Gluten Free Kitchen that is separate from our regular kitchen line. In addition to our already robust product offering, we are now serving Breakfast and Lunch sandwiches. Stop in to see our selection and try our new items.

You can find us at:

Main Street Village 

1511 Main Street, Suite 1511

Hilton Head Island, SC

Phone: 843-715-4105 or 843-802-4411

Email: info@thegfreespot.com