Cookie Collection

 Our Gluten Free Cookies will leave you feeling like you've been catapulted back in time to Grandma's kitchen!

Soft, chewy and absolutely delectable! They leave the most sophisticated palettes pleased...and the kid in all of us delighted.

From Classic Chocolate Chip to White Chocolate Macadamia, Dark Chocolate to Heath Toffee, and Snickerdoodles to seasonally inspired Hand Decorated Sugar Cookie - a treat that will show the people in your life exactly how very special they are to you - Timeless, Decadent, and always One-of-a-Kind!

Try the latest addition to The G-Free Spot Cookie family - Salted Caramel & Chocolate Chip - there really are no words to describe its "yumminess"!

Many varieties and sizes available - don't forget to check back regularly for new additions and seasonal favorites.